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Clip Licensing

WGBH Stock Sales is the clip licensing division of the WGBH Media Library and Archives. We license originally shot WGBH footage and web content to television producers, publishers and professional media organizations.

We wish we had all of our programs and content clipped and searchable in an online database. Unfortunately we don’t! However, there is a wealth of content on this site and on various WGBH sites including WGBH Archives' Open Vault, and individual WGBH program websites. We want to help you discover this material if you haven’t already.

WGBH Stock Sales does NOT license full programs: please see helpful links.

WGBH Boston

WGBH is public television’s single largest producer for television, the Web, and mobile. WGBH produces Nova, Masterpiece, Frontline, American Experience, Antiques Roadshow and numerous other programs. WGBH has been broadcasting and producing content for over 60 years. The station went on the air with a radio broadcast of the Boston Symphony Orchestra in October of 1951, and broadcast its first television program, “Come and See,” in May of 1955.