WGBH Stock Sales & Licensing

How to License

You know you want that shot from a particular WGBH program...

but it is not in the Digital Clips Collection, and you cannot find it online. How do you order it?

1. Send us an email and identify the shot

We need you to identify the series, program and actual shot and where it appears in the program.

2. Give us in and out timecode

In order to determine this precisely, you may have to order a digital file with burned in time code and give us exact in and out times with a shot description.

3. We confirm the shot is WGBH footage

Many of our documentaries contain third party materials, so we have to make sure we own the material so we can license it to you.

4. Get a rate quote

Tell us what you are producing your project for: the market, distribution, term and we will quote you a rate.

5. Sign our license agreement

Once we receive a signed license agreement we can release master material to you.

6. Make your payment

We prefer credit card payment whenever possible.

7. Specify your master format

We can deliver in a wide range of formats.

8. DONE!

We will return a signed, executed copy of the license agreement to you for your files.