WGBH Stock Sales & Licensing

Rates & Policies


We can provide a digital file or DVD with visible timecode: Cost is $50 per recorded hour, to be prepaid by credit card.

License fees

DIGITAL CLIPS : We license by the clip ONLY for the WGBH rights ready digital clips found on this site. Digital clips may be licensed at a rate of $180 for SD clips and $250 for HD clips.

For all other WGBH footage: license fees are quoted on a per second rate and based upon the rights, licensing term, and the territories you need. We require a 30-second minimum on all licenses. Please contact us for a quote. Bulk discounts are available.

We also license on-line articles, interactives, timelines and other web content. Please contact us for a quote.


The first 30 minutes are free, then $60 per hour. Research fees include searching our databases and staff time required to preview tapes, locate production records and investigate rights.

Source Disclosure

Copyright information about material not owned by WGBH can be provided for a fee of $50 per shot, to be prepaid by credit card. We maintain the right to withhold or limit source information in certain cases.


You may be required to obtain written permission from persons appearing in the footage or pay any union and/or guild fees required under applicable collective bargaining agreements.


We can provide only your final, licensed shot selections as digital files or videotape masters. The costs generally range from $150 - $300, depending upon the amount of material or the condition of the source.